The European Cup, which has been postponed to the summer, is coming soon, and the sale of football equipment will set off a climax in the near future. The national team's new jerseys have been unveiled one after another, and the new European Cup shoes are also keeping up with the rhythm. The first release is the @adidasFootball "Superspectral Pack". Today's new product appreciation, let's talk about the Predator Freak.1 AG football shoes in the new set

Adidas' new "Superspectral Pack"  addidas football boot suit is also a playful and eye-catching design. The suit uses unforgettable pink and orange as elements, with black, white and gray, showing full vitality! The new Predator Freak.1 AG Superspectral football boots are very rich in color, with rose pink, black, silver, and orange adorning the upper and sole, creating a low-key and aggressive look, which is very suitable for creative midfielders. In the fierce competition at the end of the season and the European Cup this summer, look forward to the performance of players wearing these shoes!

After completing the upgrade, Adidas has improved the functionality and wearing comfort of the Predator Freak, but on the low-top Adidas Predator Freak.1 introduced today, there is only an upgrade of the friction and sharp thorn design of the upper. On the Predator Freak.1 AG low-top football boots, the number of friction spikes on the upper is reduced, but the overall coverage area is larger, and now almost the entire upper can now provide ball control assistance, so that the physical Help is more obvious. The low-top fabric collar is the same as the previous generation in terms of wearing, wrapping and comfort.

The AG outsole used in the Predator Freak.1 AG low-top football boots has not changed in any way, it is exactly the same as the previous generation. This outsole has been used in Adidas' X Ghosted and Copa Sense series. It belongs to an AG outsole that EZer knAdidas Predator Freak .1 FG ows and adapts to.

The small change of Adidas "Falcon" actually has little effect on the low-top Predator Freak.1 AG L, and the wearing experience and actual combat performance have hardly changed, so the actual combat EZer who likes this sneaker can rest assured to start the new model. The color scheme of the European Cup with anger is very good!