Adidas and French star Paul Pogba have teamed up to launch a new personal exclusive boots Predator Mutator 20+ PP. As the seventh personal exclusive boot of the French star, its design is inspired by the classic design of the well-known luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

So far, Adidas has launched seven personal exclusive boots and related products for Pogba. With the release of the seventh personal exclusive boots, we can still see the important position of the French star in the eyes of Adidas. Pogba's personal exclusive logo "PP" covers the entire upper with a luxurious golden image, which makes people can't help but think of the iconic design of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Although Pogba has put on his new personal exclusive boots on the Manchester United training field last week, we can now understand this new pair of boots more clearly and intuitively. Just like what I just said, this brand new boot has a unique design of the golden Pogba personal logo "PP" covered with the upper. The black upper makes the golden personal logo more eye-catching, making it a The star in people's eyes.

The combination of black and gold will always be pleasing to the eye, especially in this new pair of boots. The golden details revealed by the studs on the outsole look unique. The white on the side of the shoe body is the Adidas triumphant three stripes. It is particularly eye-catching under the black and gold colors. The knitted material without laces will be exposed when wearing. Chic white details.

The unique appearance of this new pair of adidas Predator Mutator 20+ PP football boots complements Pogba’s public personality, and the more luxurious design makes this pair of new boots match the previous Pogba’s personal exclusive boots launched by Adidas Has a completely different style.