Which pair of adidas Locality Pack football boots did you guys buy? Have you ordered the red low-top version of Predator Mutator 20.1? Today's new product appreciation, we are going to talk about this pair of red "Falcons"!


The Predator Mutator series boots in the Adidas Locality Pack use bright red, from the upper, sole to the three stripes, the red is extremely thorough, it will be very eye-catching in summer, does EZer like this design?


Like the flagship laceless Predator 20+ football boots introduced before, the high-end low-top version of the Predator 20.1 also uses DEMONSKIN technology uppers. The difference is that the shape of the friction particles is a relatively regular geometric solid, not Flagship-level "thorn" shape. At the same time, the Predator 20.1 uses a three-dimensional fabric material. More precisely, it is a different fabric from the flagship laceless Primeknit material. Only the fabric at the collar position is Primeknit, which also needs attention. Finally, after the high-cut collar was removed, foam padding was added to the heel for stability. In short, the low-top Predator 20.1 upper is designed to keep the laceless version of the upper to the greatest extent, without reducing the wearing comfort and friction effect.


The new color matching Predator Mutator 20.1 Low football boots uses a newly designed separate Control Frame outsole, which removes unnecessary parts on the basis of continuation of grip and stability, and reduces weight while making the distance between the feet and the ball closer. , to enhance the player's sense of control over the football. The corresponding midsole has also been evolved, so that the outsole separated from the front and rear also has good support, rebound and torsion resistance in the middle section.


Whether it is the shape or the feeling after getting on your feet, the Predator Mutator 20.1 L football shoes are closer to the "Falcon" of the year. Under the premise that you can't go back to the past and refuse to "re-enact", starting this pair of shoes now is the closest. The practice of owning a "falcon"