In the midsummer, Nike has successively upgraded the Tiempo series and Mercurial series, occupying the flow of football equipment circles. In particular, the more modern Mercurial series not only feature upgrades, but also overwhelmingly new colors. In just two weeks, four color schemes are on the market, and it is difficult to decide which pair to start.

Although the Nike Mercurial boots showed a total of two color schemes, blue and white and all black, but considering the factors of players' feet and orders, the first version should still belong to the blue and white "New Light"! The upper is mainly presented in bright blue, and the stadium is highly recognizable. SWOOSH finally returned to the side of the shoe body and extended to the sole. In order to match the shoe's lightweight speed theme, the designer also deliberately drew it into a hollow and open shape. In addition, the appearance of the new Mercurial boots is innovative. Nike’s slogan "Just Do It" and Mercurial's nickname "Merc" are added to the heel part, and the words "Nike Football" are densely packed on the outsole, which is exactly the design of trendy shoes. style!

The upgrade of Nike's new generation of Mercurial boots Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG New Light is mainly presented in the upper position. The upper of the 2019 Mercurial is softer than the previous generation, and a stronger yarn (reinforced version of Flywire) is implanted in the upper to enhance the touch and lock the feet. These yarns have undergone a special knitting process to bring a super soft touch without stretching during wearing, thus creating Nike's strongest Flyknit upper ever. The new upper is also the first time Nike has merged Flywire and Flyknit into a whole.

Although it looks very similar to the outsole of the previous generation, the new Mercurial boots have been replaced. The new outsole is called Nike Aerotrak, and some details of the front and rear palms have been adjusted. The most obvious effect may be the meaning of weight loss. The elements of grip, stability, and support have not changed much.

How successful was the previous generation of Nike Mercurial boots? Just look at how many people wear it in the professional and amateur arenas! Nike itself introduced that the two Mercurial 360 sneakers are the most popular shoes ever, and only 5 out of hundreds of spokespersons have put forward custom requirements. Now that the new Mercurial boots are launched, with today’s 13th generation of "Assassins", the positive upgrade is very obvious! The flexibility, tactility, fit, and wrapping of the upper are outstanding, and the simple structure makes the sneakers undisturbed behind the feet. This kind of sneakers with the original cool appearance makes everyone love it. Minute. The score is 10 points, and the editor gives 9 points, and one point is deducted because the outsole field compatibility is slightly worse.