After the World Cup, Nike Phantom VSN football boots made their debut, extending the football boom from midsummer to the beginning of the 2018 19 new season. As the new representative of Nike's control of football shoes, the Phantom VSN "Dark Sha" football shoes have assembled a variety of new attempts and brought a new touch experience. Judging from the current situation of wearing the professional arena, apart from individual players who are still defending Magista, it seems that all the shoes that should be replaced have also been replaced. From a practical point of view, the "Dark Shadow" in the past two months is considered to be a good reputation, and the shortcomings of the exposure are not other than the damage to the upper fabric. More and more detailed "Dark evil" experience, today's actual combat evaluation content will be introduced for EZer, whether you want to experience the new Nike control boots, you will know after reading it.

The evaluation shoe is the "Rising Fire" color scheme of the Nike Phantom VSN Elite DF FG football shoes. Compared with all black and gray red, the editor prefers the integrity of this color, and it is also because of its spokesperson, the English demon star Sessegnon. .

From the perspective of sneaker configuration, the upper is made of Flyknit, Nike’s current flagship material. Structurally, it is a double-layer combination of inner and outer boots. It feels very light and thin. Even the double-layer design does not have the heavy feeling of the Magista series. Visually, it can be described as "long and thin".

When wearing Phantom VSN Elite DF football boots, you need to loosen the laces on the inner boots with your hands, so that it is easier to wear. After inserting, adjust the inner boots to avoid wrinkles, and then tighten the laces. When tightening the laces, adjust the left and right lengths first, because Nike’s Quadfit mesh inner boots use a single pull design with few buckles. If you don’t control the length of the left and right laces first, just pull it. I found that there is no way to tie my shoelaces properly when the length varies from left to right. After tightening, I found that the foot locking and wrapping are very good, but the whole dressing process is more complicated. Players with wide feet and high insteps may be more strenuous to wear than the editor.

The feeling after the sneakers are on the feet is very light and wrapped, with a strong sense of integration, thanks to the new Quadfit inner boots created by the designer. Compared with the inner boots of other shoes in the past, the Quadfit inner boots are very good in terms of wearing comfort, lightness and tactile influence, no less than the single-layer upper sneakers. In addition, only after trying it on can you understand the meaning of the "dark" collar, that is, it is more convenient to adjust the inner boots when wearing, and the function is really similar to socks. If you talk about support and wrapping capabilities, that's a joke.

Judging from the short-term experience after getting on the feet, the new "Dark Sha" must take a certain amount of time to complete the application. Although the upper is soft, the package support of the inner boot and the locking of the shoelace system are all for the players. It's a new experience, and there will definitely be some discomforts when wearing it for the first time.


1. The size is not biased, the normal foot shape can be perfectly controlled, players with wide feet or high insteps need to try on;

2. The upper is soft and the ball control triangle on the film is full of friction;

3. The Quadfit inner boots are well wrapped without any foreign body sensation;

4. For other parts design, the function of the shoe collar is the weakest;

5. The overall fit and light weight of sneakers is completely different from the wearing feeling of ghost brand.

Actual combat experience

After five training and competition tests, including a heavy rain battle, the editor now has a more comprehensive understanding and experience of the Phantom VSN Elite DF, and now I will share it with everyone.

▼ Running-in situation

The first half an hour of wearing it for the first time still feels very uncomfortable, mainly because of the gradual running-in of the new design of the upper. The Quadfit inner boot is a four-way extension design, any movement of the feet in the shoe compartment will be restricted, coupled with the locking of the shoelace system, this kind of tight package is really uncomfortable at first. However, with the increase in running and touching the ball, coupled with the sudden stop and sudden rotation, the inner boots began to fit the feet more closely, and the unsuitability situation gradually eased. When the "Dark Shadow" is worn again in the second game, the upper foot will no longer feel uncomfortable. The whole running-in period is about half an hour.

▼ Wearing feeling

Judging from the wearing experience in actual combat, the experience of "Ansha" for the editor is first of all lightness, agility, and a sense of unity. Compared with the previous generation Magista Obra II football boots, the sneakers are significantly slimmer in terms of visual effects after getting on the foot, the upper becomes thinner, and there is no wavy ball control aid design, although the shoe last does not change significantly, the weight There is not much difference, but the visual effects often give players a certain psychological hint. The sense of agility and unity comes from the coordination of details such as inner boots, socks, etc. The sneakers are very natural after being put on the feet, and there is no interference during the whole game, allowing the players to devote themselves to the game.

From the perspective of the performance of the upper, the outer upper of the entire knitted material is very soft and has a real touch of the ball. The "ball-control triangle" design on the upper covering provides a strong friction assistance, even in heavy rain. In the middle, the functionality of the upper is not lost at all. In addition, the Ghost Lace design creates a complete and open touch area for the sneakers, allowing players to use the entire upper in a reasonable and effective manner. If you compare it vertically, the editor will choose "Dark Shadow" as the best of Nike's past few control boots, surpassing the CTR 360 series, and also defeating the two generations of Magista ghost brands. The feeling of touching the ball on the vamp is really great.

What needs to be pointed out is that the brand new Quadfit mesh material inner boots created by Nike designer Phil Woodman really surpasses the familiar "inner boot design" in the past. Its feet have excellent adaptability, and will gradually adjust with the players' wearing dynamics, and always maintain comfort while maintaining the package and support. The feeling of "customization" mentioned in the advertisements stems from the excellent performance of Quadfit inner boots.

▼ Outsole feeling

PhantomVSN football shoes use the newly developed HyperPrecision FG outsole. From the design and distribution of the stud shape, it is very similar to the CTR360 Maestri III back then. It is deeply loved by ball masters. Judging from the performance in actual combat, the weight, support and grip of the FG outsole are still very good. If the conditions of the EZer's actual artificial court are good enough, then there is no doubt that you should choose a more functional FG outsole. It's not a fictional AG-Pro outsole. If the actual field conditions are average and the rubber particles are not thick enough, the studs of the "Dark Shadow" FG outsole are still a bit long. Long-term wearing may cause damage to the leg joints and affect the actual performance.


1. The running-in time takes about half an hour;

2. The upper is soft without losing hardness;

3. The ball-controlling triangle design on the film is fully functional in actual combat and has obvious friction;

4. Quadfit inner boots bring a tight and comfortable package feeling;

5. Based on the shoe upper and wearing feeling, good performance in passing, ball control and shooting;

6. FG outsole has excellent performance in actual combat, and the studs are more suitable for site conditions.

to sum up

To be honest, although the "Dark Sha" is not outstanding in appearance, it is still very good in actual combat as a pair of brand new control boots. The upgrade brings a brand-new touch and wearing experience, which is clearly different from the ghost brand and the favorite CTR series. The use of multiple technologies makes the "Dark Sha" full of modernity, and this time these new technologies used by Nike are not very good, all of them are full of functionality. During the whole wearing process, the shoe upper was not broken, the toe cap was not glued, the shoe upper was not slippery in heavy rain, or even water entered. It was a positive feeling from beginning to end. I did not pick out any faults. I don’t know if I have tried "Dansha". "What kind of experience is EZer?" This winter, the editor will continue to wear these sneakers, I don’t believe it’s okay!